Sunday, 13 April 2008

Photo shoot 5th April 08

Wow look at our blue eyes.

Our new Summer house

We got a new summer house. It's great! Our Human mum and dad wasn't sure if we would like it. We think its great and drive them mad with our meowing demands to go in it for some fresh air. Brabus likes the housey bit best and is bit of a ramp boy. I like it all and sit and watch the birds. Really its a chicken coop but we like to call it our summer house.

Handsome Morgie Boy Blue

I'm just soooooooo handsome and look at my handsome chin in the last pic.

In the garden Photo shoot

Some photos of us in the garden. Please note we both think we're getting more handsome by the day. Check out my bushy tail!

Fight II

We were having a great bundle and then had to stop. The background music just didn't work.

Da bird

We got a new toy today. It's great!

Our new cat tree

We have quite a play area now, as we just got the new blue cat tree. Wahoo...

Autumn photo shoot.

Autumn 2007

Beef for dinner

Hey Morgan are you ready for the attack. I'll edge round from the left and you can take the right. Then its beef for dinner.

Photo shoot part 1

Heres some great photos.